Outdoor Sculpture Collection

John L. Dreyfuss



Inventions series, 2005-2013
Reinforced Fiberglass

The Inventions series by John L. Dreyfuss encircles the Reflecting Pool. The Washington artist’s installation includes six freestanding sculptures made with white-painted reinforced fiberglass. The work interacts with the curves and shapes of our building, playfully responding to Philip Johnson’s design. The Inventions series references a history of technology, as Dreyfuss explores the progression from humans’ earliest, handheld tools to modern machinery by reducing such implements into streamlined shapes. He draws relationships between the tools of power across time with a unifying visual vocabulary of curves, divots, and incised lines drawn into the sculptures. Dreyfuss begins each work by carving a maquette in wax and then casts the same shape in materials such as plaster, aluminum, and 3D-printed plastic. Each material reveals different aspects of the sculpture, allowing him to further hone the object before it is fabricated on a large scale in fiberglass.


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