The Collaborative | Stan Squirewell

We are honored and thrilled to present The Kreeger Museum’s Guest Artist Exhibition Program, in partnership with arts organizations across the city. This program furthers our mission by supporting and spotlighting the immense talent of visual and performing artists in our city.

August - November 2021

Stan Squirewell, Tina and Chelsea, 2021, Mixed Media Collage with Carved Shoutouts Sugi Ban Frame, Courtesy of the Artist

Stan Squirewell is a painter, photographer, installation, and performance artist. Born and raised in Washington, DC in Anacostia's Barry Farm neighborhood, Squirewell established a serious art practice while working from his Harlem-based studio before moving to Louisville, KY where he currently lives and works. His work examines who curates and controls the narratives that become accepted as history; from what perspective is history written, whose stories are told, and whose are neglected?

Presented in collaboration with The Nicholson Project

The Nicholson Project is a paid artist residency program and neighborhood garden in Ward 7’s Fairlawn neighborhood. Our mission is to support, provide opportunities, engage, and amplify artists and creatives from our community and the local artist community—particularly artists of color and those from Ward 7 and 8—while engaging our neighbors through community-based programming. Our vision is to serve as a cultural hub and community anchor celebrating Ward 7’s authentic identity while infusing new vibrancy into Southeast DC. We hope to inspire others to use similar non-traditional arts and community-centered projects as a pathway toward stronger, more vibrant communities. The Nicholson Project is located at 2310 Nicholson Street SE, Washington, DC 20020. More information is available at

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