School Programs

The Museum offers a range of unique, interactive educational experiences for students that encourage and deepen students' appreciation of art, architecture, and music. Each experience highlights a different aspect of the permanent collection, making concepts and content accessible through specialized tours and hands-on workshops led by teaching artists.

The following programs are available for 2024-25 school year booking. Contact to book a program for your classroom today.

Hear Art/See Music

Hear Art / See Music is a multidisciplinary artistic investigation centered around The Kreeger Museum's exquisite collection of African Masks. We begin with comparing and contrasting two masks from the continent of Africa: the Chi Wara mask from the people of present-day Mali, and the Banda mask from the people of present-day Guinea. The student group then participates in two hands on activities; a drum circle, led by a musician, and a mask-making workshop, led by a visual artist. The curriculum focuses on art vs. design, pattern, rhythm, communication, cultural perspective, and form vs. function. This program can be modified to accommodate 4th-12th grade students.

Seeing Shapes and Colors

Seeing Shapes and Colors is an interactive, two-part educational program that asks students to consider how paintings and sculptures use shapes and colors to communicate. The visit includes a tour of the Museum exploring works by Picasso, Rodin, Monet, Van Gogh, and members of the Washington Color School, and a hands- on activity, which provides students with the opportunity to experiment directly with the lessons of the visit using artist-grade materials. This program can be modified to accommodate 4th-7th grade students.

The Making of Architecture

The Making of Architecture is a two-part educational program featuring a tour of the museum and hands-on workshop. The tour focuses on the design and construction of the building, with special attention given to how Philip Johnson and Richard Foster created a unique architectural space. The workshop occurs in the museum's Great Hall and invites students to design a 3D model using principles introduced in the tour for a new addition for The Kreeger Museum. This program can be modified to accommodate 4th-12th grade students.

We are grateful for the support of partners who share our goal of reaching the entire Washington, DC, community.

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