David Kreeger with bronze sculpture, Interpenetration, 1969, by Lucien Wercollier.
Photograph taken in 1975 by Fred J. Maroon.

One of the greatest legacies of David and Carmen Kreeger is the Museum that bears their name. In 1959, The Kreegers began to amass a formidable collection of modern art. For the next fifteen years they assembled most of the Museum's holdings. The collection of The Kreeger Museum reflects the spirit of the Kreegers.

It is important to note that the collection represents a shared vision. David and Carmen Kreeger both agreed on every piece in the Museum. The Kreegers' approach to collecting was a personal one. As David Kreeger said "I never bought art as an investment. I bought it for love and I was lucky. Art that embodies the creative spirit of men transcends the value of money." 

The Kreegers were both amateur musicians and often hosted concerts in the Great Hall. The Kreegers wove music, painting, sculpture and architecture into the tapestry of their lives. The Kreeger Museum recreates that experience for visitors, allowing them to participate in the legacy of David and Carmen Kreeger through its collection, temporary exhibitions, public and educational programs.

David and Carmen Kreeger. Photograph taken in 1978 by Razi Yitzchak.

The mission of The Kreeger Museum is to share art, architecture and music. This objective serves as the overarching guideline for our educational programs and initiatives, lectures, panel discussions, gallery talks and exhibitions.