The Architecture

Solid travertine drum and slab; lunette frame and
window beyond. Photo by Eileen Wold, 2003

Designed in 1963 by Pritzker Prize winning architect Philip Johnson with Richard Foster, the Kreeger residence was built on five and a half wooded acres overlooking the nationa??s capital. The Kreegers were pillars of the Washington DC arts and cultural community, and their love of art, music and architecture resound throughout the building today.

Philip Johnson was in his late fifties when he designed the Kreeger residence in 1963. Philip Johnson, along with Henry Russell Hitchcock, is generally credited with discovering and defining the term "International Style". 

Philip Johnson and The Kreeger
Residence Model, Vogue, May 1964.
Photo by Horst.
The Great Hall of The Kreeger Museum.
Photo by Robert Lautman, 2004