Conversations at The Kreeger Museum

Monday, August 26th | 11:00am–12:00pm

Conversations at The Kreeger Museum

The Conversations program makes such a difference in Mom's life. She loves art and music, so the opportunity to spend time enjoying the beautiful Kreeger Museum, seeing and discussing a striking work of art and then listening to a fabulous music program is such a treat. It lifts her spirits and brings her such joy and makes her feel like her old self.

– Daughter of participant

Conversations, a program for individuals with mild to moderate memory disorders and their caregivers, provides a forum for dialogue and connection through art and music. Each hour-long program includes an interactive gallery talk and a musical component. The experience is designed to stimulate reflection, reduce stress, and increase communication and sociability.

The Kreeger Museum will host three sessions in the Fall: August 26th, October 28th, and December 9th at 11:00am. We have limited spaces and advance registration is required. Spaces for August 26th can be reserved at this time. The other dates will be released after the August session. Please only reserve one space and you will be prompted to fill out the name of both the participant and the caregiver.

If you are an assisted living facility and would like to book a Conversations program for your residence please contact to schedule a session.

The August 26th program will discuss Pablo Picasso's Man With a Golden Helmet.

Pablo Picasso, Man with the Golden Helmet, 1969

The October 28th program will discuss Claude Monet's Sunset at Pourville.

Claude Monet, Sunset at Pourville, 1882

The December 9th program will discuss Georges Braque's Vase, Palette, and Skull.

Georges Braque, Vase, Palette, and Skull, 1939

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