Facilities Manager
Start Date: April 2024
Salary: $55,000–$58,000

General Description:

The Kreeger Museum is seeking a highly productive Facility Manager to oversee the efficient and effective functioning of the museum's physical facilities and operational processes. This person will play a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for staff and visitors. This position requires strong problem-solving skills to manage various operational aspects while contributing to the museum's overall success.

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the safety and security of the art collection, building, and grounds, ensuring the smooth functioning of our building and equipment. In addition, the Manager is responsible for training and managing the museum security team. The Manager must be able to be onsite as needed – this will require sometimes being onsite before 9:00 AM and/or after 4:00 PM. Ability to get to the museum as quickly as possible during an emergency is required.

Responsibilities Include:

Security of building, grounds, and collection:
• Security of Building and Artwork: Point of contact for security contractor, Fire Department, Police Department; maintain timely communication with security company on all calls and follow-up with necessary service check and/or staff training.
• Contractors: Oversee and manage the scheduling of repairs, renovations, and maintenance projects, ensuring minimal disruption to museum operations. Contractors include, but are not limited to: HVAC, interior garden, grounds, electrical, masons and paving, irrigation and pool service, roof, and special projects. Be present when contractors are on site. Review/allocate all invoices.
• Supervise and train security staff, conduct weekly meetings, and provide updated training when needed. Serve as Gallery Security as needed.
• Conduct daily check of all galleries, storage spaces, and grounds.
• Monitor all gallery and storage area climate condition sensors.
• Keep all artwork properly and securely stored.

• Complete small carpentry, repair, and maintenance projects as needed in gallery and non-gallery spaces.
• Coordinate and support all aspects of art and exhibition space preparation, installation, and deinstallation, including lighting and art handling.
• Set up and monitor AV/PA for museum events and performances.
• Provide safety and emergency training for staff and volunteers.
• Coordinate logistics and support for museum events, meetings, and special programs, including setup, cleanup, and resource coordination.
• Work one Saturday per month and some evening events (comp time provided).
• Other tasks assigned by the Director.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Bachelor's degree in facilities management, architecture, building design, or related field.
• Previous experience in a similar position in an art museum, gallery, or school.
• General knowledge of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.
• Basic carpentry skills.
• Ability to multitask; strong organization and communication skills.
• Ability to establish and adhere to project goals and deadlines.
• Enthusiasm for working both independently and as a team.
• Firm understanding of current best practices in museum operations and security.
• Access to a vehicle.
• Ability to stand for a minimum of four hours.
• Ability to lift 50 pounds.
• Ability to use portable hydraulic ladder as well as stand ladders.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Helen Chason (hchason@kreegermuseum.org) to apply.

Employment is contingent on the verification of background information. The Kreeger Museum is an equal opportunity employer.


Part-Time Art Handler
Rate: $35/hour


• Previous experience with hands-on installation and deinstallation of complex, and preferably, contemporary art installations.
• Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with museum best practices for object care and handling, packing and moving of artworks, and appropriate display techniques.
• Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.
• Demonstrated experience working with exhibitions teams.
• Good organizational and time management skills.
• Ability to work in physically demanding situations, including heavy lifting up to 50 pounds and working at heights.
• Flexibility to work nights and weekends. 

Responsibilities Include:

• Art Handlers/Installers assist with delivery/receiving and installation/deinstallation of artworks and preparation and maintenance of exhibition spaces.
• Responsibilities may also include: construction of exhibition furniture and crates; packing and fitting crates, and assistance with inventory control and maintenance of tools and equipment.
• The Art Handlers/Installers generally work during a 2-week installation and deinstallation time frame.
• Art Handlers/Installers report to and provide support and assistance to Registrar.
• Prepare and organize tools and equipment required for installation and deinstallation.
• Assist with incoming and outgoing art and equipment shipments.
• Prepare gallery spaces for exhibition, including wall repair and painting.
• Assist in the construction and preparation of art installations, exhibition furniture, crates, and packaging.
• Handle, move, place, and prepare art objects.
• Assist artists who are on-site for installation/deinstallation.
• Assist with the installation of A/V equipment, including speakers, monitors, and projectors.
• Assist with lighting of gallery spaces.
• Install labels, signage, and other didactic materials.
• Other duties as assigned.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Helen Chason (hchason@kreegermuseum.org) to apply.

Employment is contingent on the verification of background information. The Kreeger Museum is an equal opportunity employer.


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