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Seeing Shapes and Colors

Seeing Shapes and Colors invites students to explore shape and color through the Museum's permanent collection and engage in a hands-on artmaking experience.

Josef Albers,Homage to the Square: Wet and Dry, 1960 | Gene Davis, Untitled, 1969

These activities are based on two works from our collection: Homage to the Square: Wet and Dry by Josef Albers, and Untitled by Gene Davis and can be done with any colorful materials you have at home: cardboard, construction paper, tape, crayons, markers, and chalk. Feel free to get creative!

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Other Resources
Activity Guide - Spanish
Step-by-step Illustrated Guide

Seeing Shapes and Colors Educator's Guide is publicly available as part of DC Collaborative's Distance Learning Resource. Check out the many other educational resources DC Collaborative has collected from arts and culture organizations across the District of Columbia.
Be sure to post photos of your work! Tag us with @kreegermuseum and #SeeingShapesAndColors and we will share any public posts to our Instagram and Facebook stories.


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