Recent Gifts from the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Joan Mitchell, Untitled, 1965,                      Helen Frankenthaler, Hurricane Flag, 1969,
Gift of the Trustees of the Corcoran            Gift of the Trustees of the Corcoran
Gallery of Art                                               Gallery of Art

Recent Gifts from the Corcoran Gallery of Art introduces several works given to The Kreeger Museum as part of the Corcoran Collection Distribution. The addition of these works to the Permanent Collection adds depth to the narrative of modern American painting and sculpture in the 20th Century and Contemporary Galleries. 

Helen Frankenthaler’s monumental Hurricane Flag hangs prominently above the main staircase, and works by Clark Fox, Joan Mitchell, Anne Truitt, and David Urban are now on display in the Museum’s Lower Level. Also included in the gift are works by Mark di Suvero, Andre Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck. 

“The Kreeger Museum Board of Trustees and I are honored to receive works by these significant artists; they are a most welcome addition to our collection,” says Director, Helen Chason. “We would like to thank all parties involved in this distribution for their dedication to keeping the majority of the Corcoran collection in Washington.”

The Corcoran Gallery of Art was one of the first private museums in the United States, established in 1869 by William Wilson Corcoran and expanded in 1880 to include the Corcoran College of Art and Design with the mission ‘dedicated to art and used solely for the purpose of encouraging the American genius.’ In 2014, the Corcoran transferred the college to the George Washington University and distributed the works from its Collection to museums and institutions in Washington, D.C.

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