Past Exhibitions

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Mindy Weisel | Not Neutral

Mindy Weisel | Not Neutral  is comprised of three significant bodies of work that parallel one another in large-scale human and environmental tragedies - Paintings of the Holocaust (ca. 1980), Survival of Beauty (2010), and After Tohoku (2012).

The exhibition reveals in each series the artist's exploration of deep emotion through color, gestural marks, surface tension, and composition.  These works are profound expressions of the triumph of beauty, reconciliation, and healing over human tragedy, loss, and destruction.

Dan Steinhilber: Marlin Underground

Dan Steinhilber presents new work in response to the design for The Kreeger Museum as a space for art and musical performance. Inspired by the secret musical life contained within some of the everyday objects and materials with which he has long been fascinated, Steinhilber has set out to teach (as it were) some of these things—a cardboard box, HVAC ventilation shaft, clothing dryer, or an old squeaky desk chair, for example—to play their own sounds.

Dan Steinhilber, Marlin Underground, 2012, found objects, audio equipment, sound, Photo courtesy of the artist)

Sculpture on The Grounds, 2011 Invitational

Each artist responded to the invitational with various interpretations, Luttwak with a site-specific installation, Jackson-Jarvis with a piece originally conceived some years earlier. Jackson-Jarvis' sculpture, created for an exhibition inspired by Thomas Jefferson, was previously displayed in an unmarked slave cemetery located at Montpelier, the plantation home of James and Dolly Madison in Orange, VA. She pays homage to the enduring stories embedded in teh shape and structure with Markings, a narrative of the antebellum south, incorporationg proportions of vernacular architecture and chicken feet.

Dalya Luttak, When Nature Takes Over, 2011. Painted steel, roots and vines

Tom Wesselmann DRAWS

The most comprehensive exhibition of drawings by Tom Wesselmann ever assembled. Many of the 60 pieces on view had never been seen outside the artist's studio in New York.

Tom Wesselmann, Study for Still Life #46, 1964, Pencil and liquitex on paper. 42 x 53 inches Art (c) Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

In Unison: 20 Washington, DC Artists

This exhibition was the culmination of a project initiated by renowned artist Sam Gilliam, bringing together of 20 established artists from the DC community, working in different styles and mediums to create 20 prints in the studios of George Mason University.

Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Spirit Bones II, 2010, Acrylic on oil base monotype, 30" x 22"



Kentridge and Kudryashov: Against the Grain

An exhibition of works by South African artist William Kentridge and Russian artist Oleg Kudryashov.

Oleg Kudryashov, Soldier with Doll, 1991. Drypoint, watercolor, gouache and charcoal, 41.2 x 56.3 inches. Collection of Garth and Nataliya Trinkl, Washington, DC. Photo by Greg Staley​

Sculpture on The Grounds, 2009 Invitational

Wendy Ross and Foon Sham were selected to install a piece in the Kreeger Sculpture Garden by co-curators Judy A. Greenberg, Director of The Kreeger Museum and Francoise Yohalem, Public Art Consultant.

Wendy Ross, Haiku II, 2007. 7' diameter, welded aluminum poweder coat. Photo by J.P. Beirne

Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art

Philip Johnson: Architecture as Art will showcased the relationship between art and architecture as seen through Philip Johnson's (1906-2005) late works. Johnson was the architect of The Kreeger Museum.

Philip Johnson, Da Monsta, designed 1993, New Canaan, Connecticut. Photo by Michael Moran

Gene Davis: Interval

A timely and extensive exhibition about Gene Davis’ use of interval in his stripe paintings, micro-paintings and works on paper. The exhibition is co-curated by Andrea Pollan and Jean Lawlor Cohen and includes a co-authored four-color catalog.

Gene Davis, Untitled Painting, 1969, Collection of The Kreeger Museum


On Music: Tim Rollins + K.O.S.

The Kreeger Museum joined with Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center and FUSEBOX Gallery in a collaborative endeavor to bring the art and energy of Tim Rollins + K.O.S. to Washington, DC.

Tim Rollins + K.O.S., Cursing Despair, from The Creation (after Haydn), 2004. Watercolor, abaca paper, collage on music score, 10" x 7.75". Courtesy of Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago, IL

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